Temperature Blanket

The Temperature Blanket

A temperature blanket is a blanket you add a row to each day. The color of the rows changes based on the temperature of each day. It makes a neat colorful record of the temperatures of the years.

The basic formula works by  assigning a color to a temperature range (in Fahrenheit)  and crochet accordingly. Once you know the temperature, look at your gauge and crochet the color that falls within the temperature readings.

But what if you live in a state that doesn’t get below 40.. I’d say your lucky 🙂 .. But you don’t get to use those colors at the bottom of your range.. So I took it up on myself to track and log averages.. Yeah I’m silly like that.. But here you have 6 temperatures ranges that you will see in in your state, meaning you will get to use all your colors…

The Official 2017 Pippin Poppycock Temperature CAL will be done using the V Stitch. Video tutorial for the V  will be available courtesy of Its all in a Nutshell

Here is a niffy work-sheet to record your progress

Click here for the average temperatures for the UK, USA & Australia

Show us your progress over on the Pippin Crochet Club

As this is a year long project you can imagine its going to grow quite big. I have been playing will Hook and Stitch sizes and done the V stitch using a 4.5mm and a 4mm hook and also using a DC/TR and a HDC/HTR. The project is best suited for a bed spread!


Here are some fun color alternatives. Packs available here


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