Demelza Crochet-Along

An we aWhat a adventure the last couple of weeks have been! The Pippin Crochet Club have embarked on its very first Crochet-Along. The beautiful Demelza Blanket by designer Catherine Bligh. You can follow her over at Catherine’s Crochet Corner. The blanket was inspired by the character Demelza from Poldark, a series of novels written by Winston Graham in the 20th century and recently adapted for television by the BBC.

The Pippin Crochet Club has exploded and grown rapidly over the last couple of weeks due to the popularity of the Demelza Blanket. All are welcome to join and follow on in the adventure.

The crochet-along will run for 14 weeks starting August 25th, 2016. The pattern will be released in sections every 2 weeks.

The lovely and talented Esther Dijkstra from Its all in a nutshell will be doing a series of video tutorials to help us along the way.

Catherine Bligh’s used Sylecraft Special DK for her Demelza in the following colors
Gold, Copper, Stone, Sage, Claret, Citron, Raspberry, Meadow, Camel and Saffron.
Catherines Colors

Esther Dijkstra will be using Scheepjes Stonewash in the following colors
Moonstone, Boulder Opal, Canada Jade, Red Jasper, Corundum Ruby, Deep Amethyst, Lemon Quartz, Amazonite, Green Agate, Coral, Citrine, Lilac Quartz, and  New Jade.
Esthers colorsI will be stash busting for my Demelza in the following colors.
Violet, Magenta, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Pale Rose, Apricot, Meadow, Parma Violet, Silver and Grey.
Pippin colors

The pattern is available in US, UK and in Dutch terms. A range of basic and some more intermediate stitches are used. You can find all the stitches in the Introduction below. The pattern will be updated as and when they are released to coincide with the crochet-along .

Pattern: Catherine Bligh
Videos: Its all In a Nutshell

Part One
Mini Flowers – I loved making these little gems, 16 in total and prefect little 4″ square.

mini .jpg

Part 2
Flat Flower #1 –  These really stand out, 8 in total and a great addition.


Part 3
Flat Flower #2 The pieces are coming together nicely


Part 4
3D Flower – I adore this square


Part 5

Part 6
Center Square

And the final part Joining and Border



Have fun, make friends and crochet!




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